Execution Task - Schedules

The Schedules panel lets you define any number of schedules for running the Execution Task. These Execution Task schedules do not affect the scheduling of the original job.

You can use any of the following options:

  • Request automatic creation of schedules based on the nearest maintenance windows (defined as ACL policy time windows) for the various servers that you selected for the Execution Task, by clicking Set to nearest maintenance window. Note that each of these automatically created schedules are typically associated with a different group of target servers. All remaining target servers with no associated time window are scheduled to execute immediately.
  • Add a new schedule by clicking New Schedule or modify an existing schedule by selecting it and clicking Edit Schedule. In the Add New Schedule window or Modify Schedule window that is displayed, use the tabs to provide the following categories of information, and then click OK.
    With the Schedule Till Completion option on the Schedule tab, you can use a recurring schedule to execute the job repeatedly on targets where it failed until its successful completion on all targets (limited to a certain number of retries).
  • Delete an existing schedule by selecting it in the list and clicking Remove Schedule.


Automatic creation of schedules based on maintenance windows and the use of recurring schedules until successful completion are not available if you chose the Use job targets option in the Targets panel or if the Execution Task is associated with a Workflow Job, a Virtual Guest Job, a Provision Job, or a UCS Provision Job.

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