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In both the Config Wizard panel in the Virtual Guest Job wizard and the VM Config Type Settings panel in the Virtual Guest Package, you select the virtual guest configuration and OS settings that are appropriate for the new virtual guest. If the package is based on a template, this panel is read-only, with the exception of the virtual machine name.

Enter a name for the virtual machine, and then specify any of the following settings. If you are creating the virtual machine from a template or a virtual machine, the template or virtual machine name is shown in the Created from VM/Template field.

  • Under Virtual Machine Configuration, choose one of the following options:
    • Typical — Select this option to choose basic settings for the virtual machine configuration.
    • Custom — Select this option to set advanced configuration options for the virtual machine.
  • Under VM Config file Datastore location, specify the following settings:
    • Select either Datastore or Datastore Cluster from the list.
      From the Datastore/Datastore Cluster window, select the VC server from the server list. Based on your selection, the datastores or datastore clusters get listed with the Capacity, Free space, Type, and, Datacenter. Additionally, Datastore Cluster is also listed if you selected Datastore as the Storage Type.
    • Choose the location for the VMX file, which is the primary configuration file for the virtual machine. This file contains all of the options you select when you set up this virtual machine.
  • Under Target VM folder, you can choose a VM folder to which you want to group the virtual machine. You can either select the folder path by browsing any of the vCenter servers or enter the path manually.


    The folder attribute will be added for each VM in the Live Browse.

  • Under Guest Operating System, specify the following information:

    • OS Type — Select the operating system type from the list.

    • OS Version — Select the operating system version from the list.

    • Power On VM after creation Select this check box if you want the VM to boot after it is created. Clear this check box if you do not want the VM to boot after it is created. This check box applies to VM provisioning as well as bare metal provisioning.

Select the Customize OS check box if you want to specify settings for the virtual machine operating system. You specify the settings on two subsequent wizard panels: the Basic Config panel and the Computer Settings panel.

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