IBM - Physical I O

The Physical I/O panel lets you add the physical devices appropriate for the new LPAR.

  1. Under Physical IO, click Add to add one or more physical devices.
  2. On the Select Physical IOpanel, do the following:
    • IO Pool ID—Optionally, specify the I/O pool if you want to assign the physical I/O slot to an I/O pool.
    • Add Physical IO to Partition Profile—Choose how to add the I/O device to the partition profile. A partition profile is a record on the HMC that specifies a configuration for a logical partition.
      • Add as required—Select this option if you want to specify that the I/O device is dedicated to the partition.
      • Add as desired—Select this option if you want to specify that an I/O device is shared. Selecting this option means that either the I/O device is meant to be shared with other logical partitions, or that the I/O device is optional.
    • Select DRC Index—Select the 8-character hexadecimal string that represents the dynamic reconfiguration connector (DRC) index of the current console adapter from the DRC Index list at the bottom of the panel. The string you select is populated into the DRC Index field above the list.

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