Software and BLPackage Deploy Job overview

BMC Server Automation provides two types of jobs for deploying packages:

  • Software Deploy Job — Deploys software packages to one or more target servers or components.
  • BLPackage Deploy Job — Deploys a BLPackage to one or more target servers or components.

Both software packages and BLPackages are executable packages that can be deployed unattended. For more information about both types of package, see Deploying files and applications using packages and depot objects.

To uninstall software packages, create an uninstall job, which is a Software Deploy Job that pushes a software package to servers where the uninstall should occur and then runs an uninstall command. (The software package does not necessarily have to include source files for the software if you have defined a network-based location for those source files.) You can control the flow of an uninstall job just as you would a Software Deploy job, and you can retry and undo an uninstall job.

To deploy files or directories, you can optionally use Creating and modifying File Deploy Jobs rather than a BLPackage Deploy Jobs. However, bundling files and directories as BLPackages and using a BLPackage Deploy Job to deploy them gives you considerably more control over a job, including the ability to simulate its deployment, automatically roll the job back if a failure occurs, and manually undo the job.

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