Designating servers that cannot be targeted by Deploy Jobs

Using server properties, you can temporarily designate a server as not being subject to a Deploy Job. To accomplish this, you set a value for the IS_DEPLOYABLE server property.

This procedure gives you the capability to set up a maintenance window for one or more servers. Generally, the IS_DEPLOYABLE property can be set to False, so nothing can be deployed to the server. When a maintenance window opens, you can set the property on the server to True. At that point you can deploy patches and make other changes to the server. To change the value of the IS_DEPLOYABLE property for multiple servers, use an Update Server Properties Job.

A Deploy Job checks the value of a server's IS_DEPLOYABLE property when it begins each phase of the job on that server. If the property is set to False, that phase and all subsequent phases of the job cannot run. For job results, the job issues a warning for those phases of the job and the overall job. However, these are only warnings, and the job can still complete successfully with these warnings.

To designate servers that cannot be targeted by Deploy Jobs

To designate a server that cannot be targeted by a Deploy Job, set the IS_DEPLOYABLE property for that server to False.

For details on how to define a property value, see Setting values for system object properties.

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