Deploy Job states

When a Deploy Job executes, the system classifies each run of a job as being in a particular state.

A Deploy Job can be classified as having any of the following states:

  • Success — The job has been applied to all target servers or components.
  • Incomplete — The job has executed but has failed to apply on at least one target server or component. No processes are running that relate to the job. When a job is incomplete, no other users can execute the job until it is reset. Only the most recent run of a Deploy Job can be in an Incomplete state. When an incomplete job executes, the job resumes from where it previously stopped.
  • Reset — A state that can be assigned to an incomplete job so it can be executed again. When you revise the definition of a job that is in an Incomplete state, the job is automatically changed to a Reset state.
  • Running — Processes relating to the job are running.
  • Failed — The job failed due to unusual circumstances, such as a server crash. A job in a Failed state can be re-executed or reset.
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