Resuming a failed Deploy Job

In certain situations, an advanced Deploy Job run may display an icon indicating the job is in a paused state. The icon appears when the phases of an advanced Deploy Job are scheduled at different times, and the job is waiting to resume the next scheduled phase. This icon also appears if an advanced Deploy Job has failed, and the job is not defined to reset automatically on failure. The following is a sample of this icon.

In the case of a failed advanced Deploy Job, you can resume the job from the point of failure on any targets. How the job proceeds from the point of failure depends on how you control the flow of a job. If you are controlling:

  • By server — The job proceeds on all failed servers, moving to the next phase for each server when the job completes its current phase.
  • By phase — The job proceeds on all failed servers. When they all complete the current phase, the job moves to the next phase for all target servers.

When you resume a failed job, you can click Show details on the Deploy Status tab to display all job attempts on all target servers. If no work occurs on a server for a particular job attempt, nothing appears in the cell that corresponds to that phase on that server.

To resume a failed Deploy Job

To resume a failed job that is in a paused state, right-click a Deploy Job and select Execute from the pop-up menu.

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