Rebooting servers

Using Deploy Job results, you can reboot a Microsoft Windows server when deployment of a software package requires a reboot.

Servers should reboot automatically if the object being deployed requires a reboot (see Setting a reboot for an object) and the Job Options panel of the Deploy Job allows reboots (see Deploy Job - Job Options).

Servers requiring a reboot are flagged with a different icon on the Deploy Status tab. In addition, the log messages generated for the Commit phase of the job include a warning that a reboot is required.

A Deploy Job can be defined so that a target Windows server reboots automatically at the end of the job. To accomplish this, the Deploy Job must run in single-job mode and the job must be defined to either reboot automatically at the end of the job or to use item-defined reboots. For details on these requirements, see Deploy Job - Job Options.

To reboot servers

In the Deploy Status tab for a Deploy Job, right-click the server requiring a reboot or right-click the cell representing the Commit phase on the server requiring a reboot. Then select Reboot from the pop-up menu. A dialog box prompts you to confirm the reboot.

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