Performing actions on a job

Using Deploy Job results, you can take a number of actions on the overall job. You can also take action on a particular run of a job. For more information, see Performing actions on a server or phase.

To perform actions on a job

In the Jobs folder, right-click a Deploy Job and do any of the following:

  • Select Open from the pop-up menu. A tab for the Deploy Job opens in the content editor. Use the subtabs at the bottom of the tab to redefine the job.
  • Select Execute from the pop-up menu. The job executes. In some situations where the job has previously failed, the job resumes on any targets where failures occurred. For more information, see Resuming a failed Deploy Job.
  • Select Reset from the pop-up menu. This option is only available when a job is in the incomplete state. Selecting Reset sets the job's state to Reset. After a job has been reset, it can be run again.
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