Deploy Job results

Using Deploy Job results, you can perform actions on the job or on particular servers included in the job. You can also undo Deploy Jobs or reboot Windows servers.

The complete results of a Deploy Job, including the job's history, can be accessed from the Jobs folder. Deploy Job results that pertain to a specific server also appear in the Activity tab for all servers in the Servers folder. The job results show a listing for each run of the job, including the date and time the job ran.

When examining results for a Deploy Job, the content editor displays a tab with two main sections. The left section shows the history of the job. The right section displays two tabs for a selected job run: Log Messages and Deploy Status.

The Log Messages tab show messages generated for the job run.

The Deploy Status tab provides a table that shows targets servers and components and the status of their job phases. You can click the headers in each table column to sort Deploy Job results. Clicking the header for the row listing server or component names sorts results alphabetically name. Clicking the Simulate, Stage, or Commit header sorts results according to the contents of that column. Results are sorted into the following job statuses:

Job Status


In progress

Completed successfully

Completed with errors


The ActionOnFailure command in a BLPackage can be set so a job continues even though a command within the job may have failed. If a command is set to Ignore and the command fails, the job appears to have completed successfully. (You can examine the job log to determine where any failures occurred.) If a command is set to Continue and the command fails, the job completes with errors. If a job includes a mixture of commands set to both Ignore and Continue and those commands fail, the job appears to have completed with errors because the Continue command takes precedence over the Ignore command.

See Phases of a Deploy Job and Deploy Job states for more information about job phases and states.

Using the results of a Deploy Job, you can perform any of the following procedures:

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