Compliance statuses of compliance rules

BMC Server Automation evaluates each compliance rule and classifies it as one of the following:

  • Compliant — The component satisfies the rule.
  • Compliant with exceptions — The component satisfies the rule because one or more exceptions have been granted to the component.
  • Non-compliant — The component does not satisfy the rule.
  • Failure — This rule cannot be evaluated for this component.
  • Indeterminate — Conditions on the component cannot be classified as compliant or non-compliant. This includes the situation when
    an asset being tested in a rule is undefined on the target server.


    If a condition states that a symbolic link must start with the letter A, the condition is

    • Compliant if the symbolic link being evaluated actually does start with A.
    • Non-compliant if the symbolic links starts with a character other than A.
    • Indeterminate if the symbolic link does not exist.
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