Sync - Package Item Options

This panel lets you make decisions about how to create a BLPackage. See the following sections:

Depot Asset Options

The Depot Asset Options section may be dimmed, depending on how you accessed this panel.

If this section is available, check Soft linked to gather the contents of the BLPackage at the time of deployment rather than the time of package creation. When you finish defining the job, clear Soft linked to gather the contents of the BLPackage.

By soft linking the contents of a BLPackage, you can change the software, patches, or server objects referenced by the BLPackage without updating the BLPackage definition.

Soft linking is only available for assets stored in the Depot. When creating BLPackages based on depot software, you can create multiple soft links to the same software package.


When you copy a BLPackage to a repeater and the Soft linked option is selected, the contents of a BLPackage are copied to the repeater and stored there. Afterwards, other BLPackages can use those same objects without copying them to the repeater. If the Soft linked option is not selected, the contents of the BLPackage are always copied into the BLPackage. While the BLPackage can be cached on a repeater, its contents cannot reference objects that may already be stored in the repeater's cache.

If you choose to soft-link and are using a repeater, connections between the repeater and the target servers are mapped to root, rather than Administrator. Therefore, if you included the nouser option in the users or users.local file, the repeater will fail to connect to the target server. To resolve this issue, include a root mapping in the users or users.local file, in addition to the nouser option. For information about performing this configuration, see Configuring the users or users.local files.

File Options

Collect file/directory attributes

Record the attributes of files and directories, such as the following attributes:

  • Date and time of creation, last access, and last modification
  • Size
  • Permissions and (for UNIX) advanced permission settings

This information is replicated when the BLPackage is created so that it can be applied during deployment on the target server.

Copy file contents

Copy the contents of all files included in the BLPackage.

Collect access control list (ACL) attributes

Collect permission and log information for files. This option is only applicable if the servers or snapshots being compared use Windows NT File System (NTFS).

Registry Options

Collect access control list (ACL) attributes

Instructs the BLPackage to gather ACLs for Windows registry entries.
This option is dimmed unless you are packaging registry information.

Component Options

Local Property Name Conflicts

When you create a BLPackage from components or you add components to an existing BLPackage, the components can have local properties with the same name. Also, the components can have properties with names that conflict with local properties assigned to the BLPackage itself. Select one of the following mutually exclusive choices to resolve conflicts between properties with the same name.
This option is dimmed unless you are packaging components.

  • Fail packaging if type or property values do not match — Creates a package but generates errors if the components you are packaging include properties with the same name but different values or different types. This option is the default value.
  • Ensure newly imported property name is unique — Generates a unique name for all properties with the same name. The system generates a unique name by appending a number to the property name for all but the first property it encounters.
  • Keep pre-existing property value — Keeps the value for the first property encountered and discards values for all other properties that have the same name. If there are multiple properties with the same name but they are different property types, an error is generated.

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