Using audit results to synchronize servers

Audit Job results can be used to synchronize the configuration of audited servers to match the configuration of the master.

Depending on how you initiate the procedure, you can generate one BLPackage and one Deploy Job to synchronize one server, or you can synchronize multiple servers simultaneously. When you synchronize multiple servers, BMC Server Automation analyzes the material required to synchronize each server and optimizes by creating only one BLPackage or software package for each server requiring a unique collection of files or applications.

After creating the BLPackages or software packages, the system automatically creates one Deploy Job to deploy each unique collection of files or applications. If a synchronization creates multiple Deploy Jobs, this procedure automatically consolidates those Deploy Jobs into one Batch Job so the entire synchronization can be launched as one job.

To use audit results to synchronize servers

  1. Display the results of an audit using the Server View.
    For more information, see Viewing audit results by server.
  2. Using the Server View, take one of the following actions:
    • Synchronize all target servers by right-clicking the master server and selecting Sync all targets with master.
    • Synchronize one server by navigating to that server, right-clicking, and selecting Sync with master.
    • Synchronize one or more specific server object audit results by selecting the objects in the contents pane, right-clicking, and selecting Sync with master.
      A wizard for synchronizing target servers appears.


      If you are synchronizing hotfixes, be aware of the following:

      • When selecting specific hotfixes, you can only select Sync with master when the table on the right of the tab shows the same hotfix on both the master and target and the hotfix has a Status of Installed or EffectivelyInstalled on one machine and a status of Missing on the other. If the selected hotfix does not meet all of these criteria, the Sync with master option is disabled.
      • If you select Sync with master for audit results that include service packs, the BLPackage that is created does not include those service packs. It only includes patches. Service packs should not be installed at the same time as patches.
  3. Provide information for the wizard, as described in the following sections:
  4. After completing the last step of the wizard, click Finish.
    If the job requires software executables to be installed, uninstalled, or both, and there are no matching software packages for those executables stored in the Depot, the Select Matching Software window appears.
  5. If the Select Matching Software window is displayed, match each software executable listed in that window to software stored in the Depot. If necessary, you can add software packages to the Depot with this process.
    For more information, see Matching software with depot items.
    One of the following results occurs:
    • If you are synchronizing multiple servers and multiple BLPackages or software packages are being deployed, a New Batch Job wizard appears. The Batch Job is defined to run all the Deploy Jobs needed to synchronize the target servers.
    • If you are synchronizing one server or the system has created one BLPackage or software package that synchronizes multiple servers, a New Deploy Job wizard appears.
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