Grouping noncompliant servers

Audit Job results let you group servers with configurations that do not comply with an audit.

After grouping noncompliant servers, you can easily create a server group and then run jobs on that server group. For example, you can perform additional audits on the group or deploy server objects to all servers in the group.

To group noncompliant servers

  1. Display the results of an audit using the Object View.
    For more information, see Viewing audit results by object.
  2. Under the Object View, select a server object included in the audit.
    The table on the right shows servers with configurations that are not consistent with the selected server object.
  3. Select the servers you want to group. Then, right-click and select Group servers from the pop-up menu.
    The Add Servers to Group dialog box opens. It shows the servers you selected in the bottom pane.
  4. In the top half of the dialog box, select the server group to which you want to add servers. If necessary, you can click Create new server group to create a new server group.
  5. Click OK.
    The servers shown in the bottom half of the dialog box are grouped in the specified server group.
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