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The Masters panel requires you to choose a component or a component-based snapshot that functions as a master.You can also choose a server as the master, and then the Audit Job automatically discovers components at the beginning of the job run.If the Audit Job consists of multiple component templates, you must choose a master for each template.

The masters panel is only available when you are basing an audit on components.

Selecting a master

Select a component template and click Update .

The Select Master dialog box opens. It lists all components that have been discovered for the selected component template. Expanding an entry for a component shows any snapshots that have been taken of that component.

  • To use a component as a master, select an instance of a component on a server.
  • To use a snapshot as master, expand an instance of a component, then expand the Snapshots node, and finally select the run of a snapshot job that should serve as a master.
  • To select a server as master, expand the Servers node and select a server. When you choose a server, you authorize the Audit Job to perform automatic component discovery for the associated component templates and generate components for use in the Audit Job. This replaces the need to manually run a Component Discovery Job before running the Audit Job.

Click OK. The Master Entries list shows the master that you have selected for a particular component template.


If you change the master in an existing Audit Job, the job is considered a new Audit Job and all Audit Options are reset to default. For more information, see Audit Job overview.

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