Audit Job - Component Templates for Filtering

The Component Templates for Filtering panel lets you identify the component templates that form the basis of an audit.

In the available templates panel expand the Component Templates and select the Component Template that you want to audit. Use the arrow button to move your selection of templates from the list of available templates to the list of selected templates.

Any components based on templates that are discovered on target servers can be included in the audit.

The Component Templates for Filtering panel is only available when you are basing an audit on components.


If you select component templates and you also decide to use a snapshot as either a master or target of the Audit Job, BMC recommends that you not modify these component templates in the future. The Audit Job cannot retrieve new information for a snapshot and the snapshot may not accurately reflect changes you make to the component template. If you must modify a component template, take new snapshots based on the most recent component template and use those snapshots in the Audit Job.

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