Running the SCAP analysis and creating the report

You initiate the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) analyzer on the results of an SCAP Compliance Job run, for a selected target server.

To run the SCAP analyzer

  1. In the Jobs folder, right-click an SCAP Compliance Job and select Show Results.
  2. In the Job results tab, expand the job run of interest.
  3. In the Server View, right-click the server of interest and select Analyze.


    If the prerequisites are not met, an error message appears and the analyzer process stops. Otherwise, the analyzer dialog appears.

  4. In the dialog:
    1. Specify the output path for the SCAP analyzer report file. To save results locally, accept the default path displayed in the dialog. To save results on another computer, use the navigation features on the dialog to specify a NSH path.
    2. In the file name field, type a name for the SCAP analyzer report file.
    3. In the file extension field, choose XML as the final file format. The system saves an eXtensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) file along with the XML file in the specified output path. You can open the XML results in a web browser and the browser transforms the file into a customized, formatted report as defined in the XSL file.
    4. To start the analyzer process, click Save.
  5. In the Tasks in Progress panel, you can:
    • Watch the progress and status of the analysis.
    • Cancel the analysis using the Cancel button to the right of the progress bar.
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