Importing SCAP content for a container scan

Custom software packages containing SCAP policies are provided out-of-the-box in BMC Server Automation for the detection and analysis of containers and images — one custom software package for RHEL-based images and another for CentOS-based images. The SCAP policies in these packages include sample SCAP 1.2 content. For the analysis of your containers and images, you will typically want to associate your own, relevant SCAP 1.2 content. 

To import SCAP content into the software package

  1. Under the Depot folder, navigate to Container Compliance, and then to the relevant folder for your containers — either RHEL Container Compliance or CentOS Container Compliance.
  2. Within this folder, right-click the custom software package — either RHEL Container SCAP Policy or CentOS Container SCAP Policy — and select Open.
  3. In the content editor on the right, in the list of Support Files at the bottom, select the last parameter, __SCAP_DEFINITIONS, and then click Edit Parameter Entry .
  4. In the Set File Parameters dialog box, in the File location field, click the Browse button and then select your SCAP 1.2 content file (an XML file) in the Select Param File Location dialog box.
  5. Click OK in all dialog boxes.
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