Using silent mode to upgrade the Network Shell (Linux and UNIX)

To silently upgrade NSH on Linux or UNIX, you can use a BMC Server Automation File Deploy Job. The job copies the installation program to any target servers you specify and then silently executes the program, using the existing installation settings. No response file (nsh-install-defaults) is necessary.


  • If you previously installed the NSH using a shell-based (.sh) installer, you can upgrade using a native installer for the same platform (.bff for AIX, .rpm for Linux, or .gz for Solaris). However, the opposite is not possible: If you previously installed NSH using a native installer, you cannot upgrade using a shell-based (.sh) installer.

Before you begin

To perform this task, you must have root privileges or be mapped to root. You must also be capable of running the at command.

To deploy the silent installation

  1. Copy the NSH installation program file (NSH<version>-<platform>.sh) to the server on which you plan to create the File Deploy Job. Put the file in the /tmp directory.
  2. In the BMC Server Automation Console, create a File Deploy Job. (Open the Jobs folder and navigate to the job folder where you want to create a File Deploy job. Right-click the job folder and select New > File Deploy Job from the pop-up menu.)
    The File Deploy Job wizard opens.
  3. In the File Deploy Job, provide the following information:
    • General panel:
      • Name: Specify a name for the File Deploy Job.
      • Save in: Specify the folder in which to store this job.
      • Source: Specify the path to the NSH installation file you want to deploy. You do not need to specify a response file (nsh-install-defaults).
      • Destination: Enter the path of the location on the target server to which you want to copy the NSH installation file. For example: /tmp
    • Targets panel: Select the target servers on which you want to upgrade the NSH.
    • Advanced Options panel: For Post-command, enter the following command:

      chmod 700 /tmp/NSH<version>-<platform>.sh
      nohup /tmp/NSH<version>-<platform>.sh -silent

      For information about File Deploy Jobs, see Creating and modifying File Deploy Jobs.

  4. Click Finish.

The files are deployed to the target servers and the installation runs silently on each server. Because the installation runs silently on each server, the deploy job returns immediately even though the silent installation can take one to two minutes to finish.

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