Installation fails due to problem in server access permissions

Installation fails with the "No authorization to access host" error message due to the appearance of the nouser entry in the users or users.local file (found in /usr/lib/rsc/ or in WINDIR\rsc).

To resolve this problem, the OS user running the installer must be mapped to the local administrator role. 

For more information about the users and users.local files, see Configuring the users or users.local files.

Installation of Compliance Content on Linux platforms fails with an error stating that the Application Server must be on version 8.2 or later, even if the Application Server is already on version 8.2 or later. To resolve this problem, see the following workaround:

  1. Stop the content installation program.
  2. Stop the RSCD Agent.
  3. Make a backup copy of the /etc/init.d/rscd file.
  4. Edit the /etc/init.d/rscd file.
  5. Add the following two entries to the rscdfile:

    export PATH
  6. Start the RSCD Agent.
  7. Restart the content installation program.

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