Manually installing the Perl module

If the BMC Server Automation installer did not install the Perl module, you must manually install it.

The Perl module integrates support for the Perl script programming language into the BMC Server Automation environment. When you install client- or server-tier components, the Perl module is automatically installed if the installer finds a supported version of the Perl executable on the server. If the installer does not find Perl, it stores the files needed for the Perl module in the BMC Server Automation installation directory.

After you install the supported version of Perl, you must manually install the Perl module.

To install the Perl Module manually on Windows

  1. Set the installation directory to <BSA_installDirectory>/NSH/.


    export INSTALLDIR=/opt/bmc/bladelogic/NSH

  2. Copy the file from <BSA_installDirectory>\NSH\perl to <Perl_install_dir>\lib.
    <BSA_installDirectory> is the directory in which you have installed BMC Server Automation. <Perl_install_dir> is the root directory in which Perl is installed.


    copy C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BladeLogic\NSH\perl\ C:\Perl\lib

  3. Create a directory called NSH under <Perl_install_dir>\lib\auto.
  4. Copy the remaining files in <BSA_installDirectory>\NSH\perl to <Perl_install_dir>\lib/auto\NSH.
    The files that must be copied are:, NSH.dll, NSH.exp, and NSH.lib.

To install Perl module manually on Linux and UNIX

  1. Change directory (cd) to <BSA_installDirectory>/NSH/perl.
    <BSA_installDirectory> is the directory in which you have installed BMC Server Automation.


    cd /opt/bmc/bladelogic/NSH/perl

  2. Enter the following command:

Where to go from here

If you are configuring the Perl module on:

  • A client computer, the task is complete.
  • An Application Server, you must configure the Application Server so that it knows the path to the Perl executable, as described in Configuring Perl.
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