Updating HIPPA for AIX 7.1 to newer benchmarks

This document provides information about the hotfix containing Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) intermediate templates for AIX version 7.1, with implementation for 80 out of 139 rules that can be installed on BladeLogic Server Automation 8.9.01.

These templates are designed to cover section 164 of HIPAA standard, which explains security for electronic protected health information (ePHI). They can be used to assist organizations covered under HIPAA in checking commonly implemented controls in security rules (Administrative and Technical safeguards, section 164.308 and 164.312). Controls that are applicable for operating systems from these sections are implemented in these templates. You should select rules from this policy and parameterize values of required compliance and remediation checks as per their organization`s policy and applicability of HIPAA controls.


Implementing this policy does not make an entity HIPAA compliant. This policy should be considered as reference guide and resource tool only.

Before you begin

Before you install this hotfix, ensure that all compliance content provided by BMC in your environment is at least updated to version 8.9.

Step 1: Downloading and installing the files

  1. Download the HIPAA - AIX 7.1.zip package from the following FTP location:


    You must be logged on to this page to view the FTP URL.

  2. Verify the downloaded content by using the following check sum: e7300eaf147d9e5fc952006846dc54c6.
  3. Move the HIPAA - AIX 7.1 package to your RCP client server.

Step 2: Importing the Compliance Content

  1. Log on to the Console.
  2. Right-click Component Templates and select Import

    The Import Wizard starts.
  3. Select the Import (Version-neutral) option.
  4. Select the updated HIPAA - AIX 7.1 zip package and click Next.
  5. The HIPPA templates for AIX 7.1 are available in the HIPPA - AIX 7.1 zip package. To import the templates, select the templates.


    Ensure that you select the Update objects according to the imported package and Preserve template group path options before you click Next.

  6. Navigate to the last screen of the wizard and then click Finish.

    The templates are imported successfully.

Rules within the templates

The following are the details of the rules provided in the HIPPA - AIX 7.1 zip package. It contains the following types of rules:

  • 139 total number of rules
  • 80 rules that check for compliance and provides remediation
  • 59 rules are work in progress by the BMC development team

Details of all these rules are available in the Excel sheet available at ftp://ftp.bmc.com/pub/HIPAA_Aix7.1.

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