Sizing Application Servers

The Application Server type defines the work that an Application Server can perform. By default, an Application Server is a general-purpose server of type All. Other types (Job, Configuration, and NSH_Proxy) must be explicitly set at deployment time. For more information about configuring the type, see About Application Server deployments and profiles.


For the latest sizing and scalability recommendations refer to the BMC Server Automation Sizing Guide in the BMC Communities. 

Setting Application Server sizing parameters

To implement the sizing recommendations, use the set command in the blasadmin utility. The general syntax for the set command is:

set <component> <parameter> <value>

The required <component> and <parameter> names are identified in the sizing discussions in this section, and recommendations are provided for determining <value>. For more information about using the blasadmin utility and the set command, see Changing the basic Application Server settings.

Sizing Application Servers based on type

The Application Server type affects sizing recommendations. The topics in this section provide sizing recommendations for individual Application Server types. An Application Server can be configured with multiple types. In that case, you must consider and combine the sizing recommendations for each individual type to produce the appropriate values for your multipurpose Application Server. For many of the parameters, this means adding recommended values for the same parameter for each of the configured types.

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