Sizing and scalability considerations

This section provides guidelines for sizing and scaling a BMC Server Automation Application Server. The settings for some configuration parameters related to size and scale can affect Application Server performance.


For the latest sizing and scalability recommendations refer to the BMC Server Automation Sizing Guide in the BMC Communities. 

Basic terminology used in the sizing documentation


A managed server or OS instance running the RSCD agent.

Job Server

An instance of the application server that does work in the form of Jobs, communicating with the RSCD agents.

Config Server

An instance of the application server that handles all the interaction from the RCP console.


One or more systems located in remote data centers for efficient one to- many replication of deployment payloads.

RCP Console An instance of the graphical client, used to interact with the Application Servers and managed targets.

Basic scaling philosophy

Note the following regarding sizing and scalability for BMC Server Automation:

  • The database should have adequate basic resources:
    • Connections/sessions
    • Memory (PGA/SGA for Oracle)
    • Disk performance

  • Horizontal scaling is the recommended option to scale capacity. As such, adding an additional Job Server (with the recommended settings) is the most common solution to scale capacity.

  • Be sure to configure and Schedule your jobs/tasks to distribute the load. Ensure that there is minimum overlap between critical jobs. For example, try to schedule a Patching Job and a Compliance Job in such a way so that these two jobs are not waiting for Application Server resources at the same time.

  • Jobs should always have the JOB_TIMEOUT and JOB_PART_TIMEOUT properties set so that the job completes in a timely and controlled manner, even in environments with uneven target or agent availability. Note that the timeout settings do not apply to asynchronous tasks

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