Controlling access by role and object

BMC Server Automation provides a unified and flexible system of access control that allows you to grant the minimum authorizations needed to perform any action, thereby limiting security risks. Access control is managed through role-based and object-based authorizations.

A role is a set of authorizations and other information that reflects the capabilities of an organizational entity, such as quality assurance (QA) engineers or web administrators. When a user is assigned to a role, he or she is granted the authorizations defined for that role.

A system object is an object you can interact with in the BMC Server Automation Console. The definition of a system object includes a set of authorizations specifying roles who can access the object and the actions those roles can perform. You can set authorizations for all system objects in BMC Server Automation, including objects that function as resources, such as servers and components.

For an extensive discussion of the access control capabilities of BMC Server Automation, see Managing access.

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