Export Mode Selection

The Export Mode Selection panel enables you to choose between the standard export mechanism and the newer version-neutral export mechanism, when you want to export component templates along with their referenced objects.

For the export of component templates (along with their referenced objects), you can choose between the following options:

Export (Version-neutral)

Use the newer version-neutral export mechanism to export component templates along with their payloads and referenced objects.
This mechanism is version-neutral, allowing you to export component templates from one BMC Server Automation version 8.x system and import them to any other BMC Server Automation system of the same version or of any later version. In addition, this new mechanism allows you to preserve any objects that already exist on the target system. The version-neutral export process creates an easily readable, XML-based content format file.
This is the recommended option for the export of component templates, provided that the component template that you want to export does not use a remediation BLPackage that contains soft links to other depot objects.

Export (Standard)

Use the standard export mechanism that has existed in BladeLogic since before version 8.0.

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