Add Parameter or Edit Parameter dialog box

This dialog box enables you to add or edit a parameter in an NSH script. You access the dialog box from the Parameters wizard panel or Parameters tab using the Add Parameter  icon or the Update Parameter icon. This dialog box contains the following options:

NameName of the parameter.


Optional descriptive text.


Enter a flag if the parameter requires one.
For example, you could enter a flag like -d to indicate that a script runs in debug mode. Or, you might enter a flag, such as -b, that requires a build number for the script to execute. In the latter case, check the Accepts value option to ensure that a value is specified for the flag.

Parameter flag required at runtime

Check if the flag is used when the Network Shell Script Job runs. If you do not check this option, the person who runs the Network Shell Script Job can choose whether the job should use the flag. By default this option is not checked.

Accepts value

Check if the flag can accept a value.

Default value

Enter a value.
If you want the default value to include a reference to a property value that is resolved when the script runs, enter a variable for that property in the Value column, bracketed with double question marks (such as ??WINDIR??/rsc). Alternatively, you can click Select Property to find and enter the appropriate property. For more information about this tool, see Inserting a parameter.


Check if the value can be edited when you run the script.

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