Integrating BMC Server Automation with Chef-solo

Starting in version 8.7, BMC Server Automation provides a set of scripts out-of-the-box that you can use to execute Chef cookbooks on target servers using Chef-solo. Chef-solo is an open source version of the Chef-client that enables you to run cookbooks on systems without requiring access to a Chef server. 

The following topics provide an overview of the integration, a description of the available scripts, and instructions for executing the scripts from the BMC Server Automation console as well as from the command line.

Overview and requirements for the Chef integration This topic provides an overview of the out-of-the-box Chef integration that is available in version 8.7, lists the requirements for the integration, and provides an overview of the scripts used by the integration.
Walkthrough: Running Chef cookbooks from the BMC Server Automation console This topic walks you through the process of running a Chef cookbook on a target server from the BMC Server Automation (BSA) console.

The walkthrough topic includes two scenarios:

  • In scenario 1, the administrator wants to deploy a Chef cookbook that installs Java and creates a license file to a development server in the environment. However, the target server does not have the Chef Agent installed. So, the administrator wants to install the Chef-solo Agent and run the cookbook. 
  • In the second scenario, the target server already has the Chef-Solo Agent installed, so the administrator just wants to run the Chef cookbook that installs Java and creates a license file. 
Executing Chef scripts from the command line This topic explains how to execute the Chef integration scripts from the command line.
Troubleshooting issues with the Chef integration  This topic describes possible issues that may occur with the integration, and what actions to follow. 
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