Uninstalling components on Windows

This topic provides instructions for uninstalling BMC Server Automation components on Windows.

Before you begin

Before uninstalling components, back up C:\WINDOWS\rsc. This directory holds several important files, including the exports, users, and secure files. These files define communication and security settings for an RSCD agent.

If multiple versions of the BMC Server Automation console are installed, the directory holding these files is C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BladeLogicx, where x represents the BMC Server Automation installation number.

To uninstall BMC Server Automation components on Windows


  1. Perform one of the following actions:
    • From the Start menu, choose Programs > BMC Software > BladeLogic Server Automation Suite > followed by the name of the component that you want to uninstall (for example, Uninstall Server Automation Console).
    • From the Windows Control Panel, open the Add/Remove Programs utility. Select the component that you want to uninstall (for example, BMC BladeLogic Server Automation Console), and then click Change/Remove.
  2. In the confirmation dialog box, click OK.


    When uninstalling the BMC Server Automation Console, after the uninstallation process has begun, do not cancel the uninstallation by ending the task in Task Manager or by clicking Close (X) on the Uninstallation window.

    When uninstallation is complete, a message is displayed.

  3. Click Finish.


    Uninstallation does not delete some log files that BMC Server Automation creates.

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