BMC Server Automation components

The product provides a comprehensive solution for the initial provisioning and ongoing automated management of servers. A BMC Server Automation system consists of the following components:



BMC Server Automation console

A GUI-based system for provisioning of servers and automating their management.

BladeLogic Portal

A web-based user interface for BMC Server Automation that offers a subset of the functionality available in the BMC Server Automation console. See BladeLogic Portal 1.2.

Network Shell

A cross-platform shell with scripting capability that gives seamless access to remote servers from central management workstations.

RSCD agent (Remote System Call Daemon)

Software that must be installed and running on each remote server that BMC Server Automation accesses.

Application Server

Secure, scalable software for controlling communication between BMC Server Automation components and remote servers and databases. Also used during initial server provisioning.

BMC BladeLogic Decision Support for Server Automation

A reporting utility that delivers server configuration information to a web-based report viewer.

PXE server

Component used for the unattended provisioning of operating systems onto servers.


A set of utilities that let you perform most BMC Server Automation tasks from a command line.

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