Key concepts

Based on a unique architecture that integrates configuration automation and compliance assurance, BMC Server Automation enables IT organizations to implement a policy-based automation solution for managing their data centers, while also ensuring highest uptime for business-critical services. What's more, as customers continue to adopt virtualization and cloud-based technologies, this solution provides a single platform for managing physical and virtual servers, across all major virtual platforms.

Supported by a robust security model, it enables organizations to dramatically reduce operational costs, improve operational quality, and achieve operational compliance. The BMC solution addresses the following main functional areas:

  • Configuration — Deploy various configuration objects to target servers and run batch jobs that configure server settings
  • Provisioning — Perform unattended installations of an operating system on target servers (bare metal machines)
  • Compliance — Analyze your servers for compliance with corporate policies or industry standards based on powerful compliance rules that you can author or use out-of-the-box

BMC Server Automation is part of the BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite.

This section describes the key concepts to help you be successful with your product implementation. For more information, see the following topics:

BMC Server Automation components

This topic provides a brief description of the key components in a standard product implementation.

BMC Server Automation architecture

The topics in this section provide an overview of the product architecture as well as a description of the tiers and product components. It includes the following sub-topics:

Health and Value Dashboards

This topic introduces the Health and Value Dashboards. The Health Dashboard gathers information about BMC Server Automationsystem components and assesses how well they are functioning. The Value Dashboard can provide metrics on the time and money saved by using BMC Server Automation.

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