Provisioning a bare metal VM

If you created a virtual machine (VM) that was based on a bare metal Virtual Guide Package (VGP), you need to provision it with an OS.

  1. Create a system package to define the characteristics of the OS. Typically, you do this by using the BMC Server Automation Console. See System package panels (generic).
  2. Get the MAC address of the newly created virtual guest by using one of the following commands:

    ProvisionDevice : getMacAddrFromServerName
    ProvisionDevice : listAllPMDevices


    You can use listAllPMDevices or getMacAddressFromServerName, as per the example below. For more information, see ProvisionDevice getMacAddrFromServerName and ProvisionDevice listAllPMDevices:

    10% blcli -v "bsa" -r "BLAdmins" ProvisionDevice
    00-50-56-A8-15-52, Device for server::VM_COMMON_DISKLESS_WIN_215,
    -52, PXE
    00-50-56-A8-63-F4, Device for server::VM_COMMON_ADHOC_215,
    00-50-56-A8-63-F4, PXE
    00-50-56-A8-55-CD, Device for server::VM_COMMON_DISKLESS_LINUX_215,
    00-50-56-A8-55-CD, PXE
    00-50-56-A8-42-FF, Device for server::vm-BM-00001_215,
    00-50-56-A8-42-FF, PXE
    00-50-56-A8-5D-F8, Device for server::vm-lin-auto-00001_215,
    00-50-56-A8-6F-FB, Device for server::vmtest1, 00-50-56-A8-6F-FB,PXE
    -------------getting MAC------------------------------------------
    10% blcli -v "gudi" -r "BLAdmins" ProvisionDevice
    listAllPMDevices | grep vmtest
    1 | awk 'BEGIN { FS = "," } ; { print $3}'
  3. Provision the new VM by first creating a Provision Job using the following command:

    ProvisionJob : createProvisionJob
  4. The ProvisionJob : createProvisionJob command creates the job, but does not run it. To execute the job, use one of the commands in the Job namespace, for example Job : execute.


    Earlier releases supported the Provision : provisionDevice command. This command has been deprecated. BMC recommends that you use the ProvisionJob : createProvisionJob command instead.

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