Running the captureAndStageVM command

This topic provide a sample pseudocode BLCLI session for running the captureAndStageVM command. Substitute correct values for your environment as needed.

To run the captureAndStageVM command

  1. Create an input file c:\input2.txt.
    For information on how to create this file, see Creating the input file.
  2. Using the BMC Server Automation console, create a Jobs folder called *CaptureJobs8.
  3. At the command line, create a service profile. For example:

    blcred authprofile -add -profile myServiceProfile -host machine1:9840 -type SRP


    If you specify the host name as an IPv6 address, enclose the IPv6 address in square brackets. For example, [2001:db8::1:2].

    For an IPv6 address, if you run the command through the Network Shell (NSH), enclose the server:port string in double quotes. For example, "[2001:db8::1:2]:389".

  4. Populate the credentials cache.

    blcred cred -acquire -profile myServiceProfile -username Admin1 -password myPassword
  5. Create and run the VM Capture Job. For example:

    blcli -v myServiceProfile VMCaptureJob captureAndStageVM /CaptureJobs test1 c:\input2.txt
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