Working with extended objects, configuration files, and grammars

You can use the standard importObject and exportObject commands to export and import extended objects, configuration files, and grammars.


Import/export of extended objects and config files, including the option to include/exclude their referenced grammars, is fully supported in the GUI, from the Configuration Object Dictionary. However, import or export of a grammar file by itself is only supported by using the BLCLI.

Extended objects and configuration files

When you export an extended object or configuration file, it includes only a reference to its grammar, not the grammar itself. When you then import the extended object or configuration file, if the import process finds a matching grammar, it uses that grammar automatically. If there is no matching grammar on the importing system, you need to manually remap the grammar during the import operation.

You can map to a grammar that exists on the importing system by editing the <grammar_mapping> tag in the mapping file, for example:



After you export a grammar from one system and then import it into another system, the grammar is available for use by any configuration file or extended object on the importing system, including any objects that you import later.

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