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The BMC BladeLogic Command Line Interface (BLCLI) is a Java-based CLI that allows you to perform many of the actions available in the BMC Server Automation Console by entering commands or running scripts. The CLI provides the following capabilities:

  • Quickly typing commands to initiate actions, such as showing all running jobs or deploying patches to groups of servers. Many advanced users prefer a CLI over a point-and-click GUI.
  • Automating complex multi-step tasks. For example, a script running CLI commands can add servers or populate the Depot with patches and other software---actions that would otherwise require numerous user interactions with the BMC BladeLogic GUI.
  • Bidirectionally integrating with other systems management and operations support systems. For example, using the CLI you can send compliance events to a monitoring console, use a trouble ticket to invoke an audit, or use an external event to initiate the full stack provisioning of a server, from OS to applications.

The video at right from BMC Communities provides an introduction to BLCLI.

The following topics describe how to use the BMC BladeLogic Command Line Interface (BLCLI):

Additional reference information

For a list of possible BLCLI commands, use one of the following resources:

  • Online BLCLI reference
  • Offline BLCLI reference, captured from the online reference material on February 24, 2016
    Download, unzip, and open the Home.html file.

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