The following topics provide information that a developer uses to extend the product:

Working with Network Shell

Using the Network Shell (NSH) commands, you can manage your network of UNIX and Windows machines as one large host. You can perform system administrative functions on multiple remote hosts from a single machine. Instead of having to rlogin or telnet to a host to see what is going is on, or to make a quick change, you can just use the NSH commands to access files on local and remote hosts directly from the command line.

You can use the NSH commands to write new scripts, or modify existing scripts and make them distributed.

Working with Web Services 

The BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite includes the BMC Server Automation Web Services product. This product provides web services access to BMC Server Automation functionality. There are two ways of accessing web services. You can use one or the other or both:

BLCLI reference 

The BMC BladeLogic Command Line Interface (BLCLI) is a Java-based CLI that allows you to perform many of the actions available in the BMC Server Automation Console by entering commands or running scripts. The CLI provides the following capabilities:

  • Quickly typing commands to initiate actions.
  • Automating complex multi-step tasks.
  • Bidirectionally integrating with other systems management and operations support systems.

To quickly familiarize yourself with the BLCLI, see the Quick start for using BLCLI. To familiarize yourself with the basic actions and concepts you must understand when using the CLI, see Using the CLI.

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