Stocking a data store with an Ubuntu operating system

To stock a data store for an Ubuntu operating system, you must store local copies of cerstain Ubuntu files:

  • Copy installer files from the Ubuntu installation media to the data store
  • Copy boot image files from the Ubuntu installation media to the TFTP server

To copy the installation files to the data store

  1. Create a directory in the data store to hold the Ubuntu operating system installation files. For example, Ubuntu12 or Ubuntu14.
  2. Copy the extracted ISO directories from the installation DVD into the <UbuntuRelease> folder. This creates a directory structure similar to the following example:



To copy the boot image files to the TFTP server

  1. Create an <UbuntuRelease> directory within the X86PC\pxelinux on the TFTP server to hold the boot image files.
    For example, in C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BladeLogic\PXE\tftproot\X86PC\pxelinux\, create an Ubuntu12 or Ubuntu14 directory.
  2. From the install\netboot\ubuntu-installer\amd64 directory in the Ubuntu installation DVD, copy the initrd.gz image file and linux kernel file to the <UbuntuRelease> directory that you created on the TFTP server.
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