About provisioning from a local data store

A local data store is a data store that resides on CD/DVD media connected to the target server. Windows 2003 or 2008 operating system installation files reside in the local data store, instead of the PXE data store elsewhere in the network.

Provisioning of operating system installation files is done from the local media, which can be helpful in locations with network bandwidth challenges or security restrictions that do not allow booting from the PXE server.

This topic contains the following sections:

Requirements for provisioning from a local data store

Supported media includes any locally connected media with a removable or CD-ROM drive type, such as a virtual or physical CD/DVD, USB, Integrated Lights Out (HP iLO), or Dell Remote Access Controller (DRAC).

For provisioning from a local data store, you can use either:

  • ISO or UFD image files for booting the target server from a WinPE image mounted on media local to the server, without using the PXE server (local boot).
    A local boot can be done from the same media that you use for the local data store or from different supported media. For example, you can keep operating system installation files on a DVD and boot the WinPE image from an iLO.
  • A WinPE image for booting the target server from the PXE server (PXE boot).

Configuration components required for BMC Server Automation provisioning (operating system driver files, RSCD agent installers, and bmiwin.exe) can reside:

  • At the root of any locally connected media: the WinPE ISO or UFD image, the local data store CD/DVD, or any other locally connected media. (Local boot).
  • In the WinPE image file. (PXE boot)

You specify the location of these components using the CONFIG_STORE property, which is described in the following section.

About the CONFIG_STORE property

The CONFIG_STORE property specifies the locations that the provisioning process searches for the configuration components (bmiwin.exe, RSCD agent installers, and operating system drivers) when booting from local media.

This property is a local property of a system package. Use this property only to provision from a local data store.

You can set the default value of this property to specify locations to search. The values are:

  • WinPE—The provisioning process searches the LDS directory inside the WinPE image on the local data media.
  • Media—The provisioning process searches all supported removable media connected to the target server. For example:
    • The WinPE ISO image on CD/DVD
    • The media containing the local data store
    • Any other media, such as a USB flash drive (UFD)
  • All—(The default value) The provisioning process searches both locations in this order:
    1. In the LDS directory inside the WinPE image.
    2. On all supported removable media connected to the target server.

To change the default value of CONFIG_STORE, use the Local properties panel of the Windows system package.

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