Running the script for creating a WinPE image

Run one of the provided scripts, depending on the WinPE version that you use:

  • To create a WinPE 2.x x86 or x64 image file, run the CreateWinPE2_x.vbs script.
  • To create a WinPE 5.1 x64 image file, run the CreateWinPE5_1.vbs script.

Before you begin

  • On the machine where you are creating the image files, create a temporary local directory to hold the image files. For example: C:\BMC_BL\tmp.
  • Create the input parameters file used by the script. See Creating the input parameters .ini file.

To run the script

  1. Open a command prompt using the following method:
    • If you have WAIK installed: Start > Microsoft Windows AIK > Deployment Tools Command Prompt
    • If you have ADK installed: Start > Windows Kit > Windows ADK > Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment
  2. Enter the cscript command with the following arguments:
    cscript //nologo "createWinPEScriptPath>" <inputFilePath>

    — Calls the Visual Basic (.vbs) script without displaying a message box type of user interface.
    — (Optional) Hides the MicroSoft copyright information.
    — Specifies the path to the CreateWinPE script. Enclose this path in double quotation marks (").
    — Specifies the path to the input file containing the image creation parameters.

    For example:

    cscript //nologo "C:\BMC_BL\provisioning\winpe\CreateWinPE2_x.vbs" C:\winpe_x86.ini
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