Creating WinPE image files using the BMC Server Automation script

As an alternative to creating the WinPE image through the BMC Server Automation Console, you can use an out-of-the-box script.

  • To create a WinPE 2.x image for a x86 or x64 machine, run the CreateWinPE2_x.vbs script.
  • To create a WinPE 5.1 image for an x64 machine, run the CreateWinPE5_1.vbs script.

Before you begin

  • Prepare the machine on which boot images are created.
  • If you plan to create image files for booting from media local to the target server, create a network.ini file.

To create the image file with the script:

  1. Create the input file containing image creation parameters. See Creating the input parameters .ini file.
  2. Run the CreateWinPE2_x.vbs or CreateWinPE5_1.vbs script to create the image files. See Running the script for creating a WinPE image.

  3. Copy the image files to the TFTP server for booting from the PXE server (PXE image type) or to the media you want to use for booting the target server locally (ISO or UFD image types). See Copying image files to a location for provisioning.
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