Copying image files to a location for provisioning

You copy the WinPE image files to a location that enables the provisioning process to use them.

The location to which you copy files depends on the image type of the WinPE image that you created (PXE, ISO, or UFD).

To copy image files of the PXE image type

  1. Copy the image file to the TFTP server. Perform this step only if you created the image with the CreateWinPE2_x.vbs or CreateWinPE5_1.vbs script. (If you created the image with the image creation wizard, the image creation process copies the image to the TFTP server.) See Copying image files to the TFTP server (PXE).

  2. Extract the boot files and copy them to the TFTP server. See Extracting boot files for WinPE images.
  3. If the server that contains your data store does not support the NTLMv2 Level 3 setting for Microsoft NT Lan Manager, change the NTLM settings for the WinPE image on the TFTP server. See Configuring WinPE security settings.

To copy image files of the ISO image type

Copy the bootImageName.iso file to the CD or DVD. You can also copy the image to a location for use directly through iLO, virtual CD-ROM, or network mapped driver.

To copy image files of the UFD image type

  1. Format a USB drive for the FAT32 file system.
  2. Copy the all of the files and folders in the bootImageName_UFD directory to the root of the USB drive.
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