PXE Server tab

The PXE tab on the Provisioning Configurations window lets you provide information about the PXE server, such as its listening port and the address of the multicast group to which the PXE server connects.

Field definitions

Interface to bind

The name of the Ethernet interface that the PXE server uses to listen. For example, eth0 or eth1. Type the name of an interface.

Multicast address

The IP address of the multicast group that the PXE server listens on. (A multicast group is a group of IP addresses that have been defined to receive a multicast.) By default, the BMC Server Automation PXE server listens on the multicast address of Multicast addresses must fall in the range to
If you check Use broadcast, you must set the Multicast address to the PXE server's IP address. This setting prevents the PXE server from continuing to use the multicast address.

Listening port

The port on which the PXE server listens for connections from target machines being provisioned. By default, the PXE server listens on port 4011.

Prompt timeout

The amount of time the boot prompt displays before the boot process begins. If the time-out expires without interruption, the default boot option runs automatically. If you enter 0, the boot prompt is not displayed.


The domain of the PXE server.

Use multicast

Check this option if the PXE Server should listen to multicast requests. Then enter the Multicast address.

Use broadcast

Check this option if the PXE Server should listen to broadcast requests. A broadcast transmits to an entire network and thus uses network bandwidth less efficiently than a multicast. If you check this option, enter the IP address of the PXE server for Multicast address.

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