Using the Set command

The set command sets the parameter to the specified value in the configuration. The setting takes effect when you restart the Application Server. The format for the set command is:

set <component> <parameter> <value>


  • component is the Application Server functionality you can configure
  • parameter is an option that controls Application Server behavior
  • value is the value for the parameter

For example:

blasadmin> set fileserver name redhat1

This example sets the file server's name to redhat1.


  • If the value contains a space character, enclose the value in quotation marks.
  • If you do not specify a value, the default value for the parameter is used for the operation.
  • When configuring settings on the Application Server, you must restart the Application Server for a setting to take effect.


When there is no ambiguity about the command you are typing, you can enter a shortened version of a command. For example, you can type set f n instead of typing set fileserver name.

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