User - Role Selection

The Role Selection panel lets you assign one or more roles to a user.

This panel also lets you choose a role to which all Network Shell users are assigned. You should specify a Network Shell role for all users who are expected to use Network Shell.


To use this panel, your role must be granted the Role.ManagerUsers authorization. The Available Roles list shows any roles to which your role has been granted access. If your role is not granted the Role.ManagerUsers authorization, this panel is blank.


System limitations can prevent a user from logging on if you assign the user to more than 200 roles.

Field Definitions



Available Roles, Selected Roles

In the list under Available Roles, select roles that should be assigned to this user and click the right arrow, which moves your selections to the Selected Roles list on the right. Use Control-click or Shift-click to select multiple items. Use the left arrow to remove an item from the selected list.

Default Network Shell Role

From Default Network Shell Role, select the role to which all Network Shell users should be assigned. If you only assign one role to a user, that role automatically becomes the user's default Network Shell role. For more on the default Network Shell role, see Controlling server access with agent ACLs.

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