RBACAdmin and BLAdmin users

A standard BMC Server Automation installation also creates two built-in users: RBACAdmin and BLAdmin.

The RBACAdmin user is only assigned to the RBACAdmins role, and the BLAdmin user is only assigned to the BLAdmins role. Because each of these users is assigned to one role, that role automatically becomes the default Network Shell role for each user. A special set of agent access control lists (ACLs) is generated for users associated with a Network Shell role. Those ACLs give the user access to Network Shell. For more information about the default Network Shell role, see User - Role Selection.


The RBACAdmin and BLAdmin users cannot be removed from their default roles. However, they can be renamed.

To make your default users active, they must be assigned passwords and granted access to servers in your network. You can use the RBAC Manager folder to perform these actions, but to start the console the first time, you must define a password for the RBACAdmin user. Typically, after installing BMC Server Automation, you use the Post-install Configuration Wizard to set up a password for the RBACAdmin user, as described in Configuring a single default Application Server on the host. However, you can also use the bladduser utility to set up the RBACAdmin and BLAdmin users, as described in Using the bladduser utility.

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