Reporting Application Server information

You can generate a report containing information about all of the Application Servers on the host (the information described in Getting information about Application Servers).

The report includes:

  • General information for each Application Server configured on the host machine (and using the same database) and detailed status information about each Application Server's services.
  • General information for each PXE server connected to the database and detailed status information about each PXE Servers services.
  • Information about the database to which the Application Server is connected.

To generate a report about Application Servers

  1. Select Configuration > Infrastructure Management.
  2. In the Infrastructure Management window, click Export Detail Report .
  3. On the Export AppServer Details Report dialog, from the pull-down list, select a directory where the report should be stored. Optionally, select a subdirectory by double-clicking its name in the panel.
  4. On the dialog, enter the information for the report file:
    1. For Object Name, type a file name for the report.
    2. For Object Type, select a file format.
    3. For File Encoding, select the type of character encoding that should be used for the exported data, such as UTF8 or Western (windows-1252).
  5. Click Save.
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