Assigning SOCKS proxy servers to a routing rule

When you create routing rules, you can choose to assign SOCKS proxy servers to them at a later time. To assign proxy servers to rules or to change assignments, use the Infrastructure Management window.

To assign proxy servers to rules

  1. Select Configuration > Infrastructure Management.
  2. In the Infrastructure Management window, expand the Network Routing Rules hierarchy.
  3. Right-click the rule to which you want to assign proxy servers and select Assign Targets for Rule. The Targets panel opens.
  4. In the list under Select proxies for the rule, select one or more SOCKS proxy servers through which communication to remote servers should be routed.
  5. Click the right arrow to move the servers to the selected list (on the right). To remove a server from the selected list, select the server name and click the left arrow.
  6. Click Finish.


    If a routing rule has multiple SOCKS proxy servers associated with it, the Application Server chooses one proxy server to use for routing to the target server. However, if that proxy server is not running, the connection to the target server fails. The connection does not fail over to another proxy server associated with the rule.

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