Getting information about Application Servers

Use the Infrastructure Management window to display information about an Application Server and the services that it runs. This information can be useful for diagnostic purposes.


To display information about the Application Server, your role must be granted the BL_Administration.Read authorization.

To display information about an Application Server

  1. Select Configuration > Infrastructure Management.
  2. In the left pane, expand the hierarchy of the Application Servers node. Then click the Application Server you want to see.

To display:

Do the following:

A list of Application Servers on the host (using the same database)

Expand the Application Servers node. The left pane lists each Application Server's Display Name and Authorization Port.

General information about an Application Server

Click the Application Server's name in the left pane. The right pane shows:

  • Software version
  • Number of jobs running
  • Number of work item threads
  • Host operating system
  • JVM memory usage
  • Information about the Application Server from Application Server Launcher (shown if your role has authorization).

Note: Number of jobs running might exceed the MaxJobs setting, if you are running batch jobs. For more information about this phenomenon, see Recommendations for Application Servers of type Job.

A list of the services that an Application Server provides

Expand the hierarchy of an Application Server. (The number and type of services vary according to the Application Server's type.)

Status information about an Application Server service

Expand the hierarchy of the Application Server. Click the service name.

Information about threads run by Application Server services

For certain services, the information displayed when you click the service name includes details about threads that are run by the service.

For more extensive details about threads from all Application Server services, click the Thread Info node that appears after all service nodes.

For more information about the thread states that appear in the thread information, see Application Server thread states.

A menu of actions you can perform on the Application Server

Right-click the Application Server.

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