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Packaging and deploying a component

You can package a component as a BLPackage and then run a Deploy Job to deploy the package. This procedure is used to automate the packaging of software models.

To package and deploy a component

  1. Using the Components, Component Templates, or Servers folder, navigate to a component (in the Servers folder, first browse the relevant server), right-click it, and select Package and Deploy.
    The Create BLPackage wizard opens.
  2. Use the Create BLPackage wizard to define the packaged component, as described in Adding a BLPackage to the Depot.
  3. Click Finish to complete the BLPackage.
    The BLPackage is added to the Depot and the New Deploy Job wizard opens. The wizard uses information from the BLPackage to complete the Name and Description fields on its first panel.
  4. Use the Deploy Job wizard to define and launch a Deploy Job for the BLPackage that you have just saved, as described in Creating a Deploy Job.
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