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Adding components to a component group

You can group components together in groups or smart groups, regardless of whether the components have been discovered or manually created. Use the following procedure to add components to an existing component group.

For information about creating a new group, see Creating a folder or group. For information about creating a smart group, see Defining a smart group.

To add components to a component group

  1. Open the Components folder and navigate to a component group.
  2. Right-click the component group and select Add to Group from the pop-up menu. The Add Components to Group window opens.
  3. From the Available Components list, select the components that should be stored in the component group and move them to the Selected Components list.
    The Available Components list shows all components, organized by component template. To move a component between lists, select the part and click the left or right arrow. Use Shift-click or Control-click to select multiple parts. To remove all components from the Selected Components list, click the double-left arrow.
  4. Click OK.
    The selected components are assigned to the component group.
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